Complete the following application form to apply for an emergency pre-payment fuel voucher. We are currently unable to supply vouchers or emergency funds to people who do not use a pre-payment meter, those who top up solely via an app and those who do not live within our area of operation (Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Coventry and Solihull).



Evidence for each application needs to be sent to stating your full name.

Terms & Conditions

  • Please be aware that there is specific criteria and no guarantee that you, the applicant, will receive a voucher.
  • Act on Energy require in all cases evidence to support your application. In cases where evidence is not available your application may be rejected or delayed.
    • If we are considering your case based on qualifying means tested benefits, we will require copies of all relevant benefits paperwork e.g. Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, ESA. In the case of Universal Credit we require your DWP reference number
    • If you are applying based on income we require evidence such as bank statements, wage slips or P60s.
      In applying for a voucher for this scheme, you confirm that you have already contacted your energy supplier for financial support with your energy bills.
  • Any data you provide will only be shared with your referral agent, Act on Energy and the Energy Savings Trust.
  • An applicant may claim up to one voucher per fuel per application.
  • A household is only eligible for three vouchers.
  • It is your responsibility as a customer to know whether or not you need a Paypoint, Post Office or any other applicable voucher code. Act on Energy are not liable for mistakes made on the customers part regarding this.
  • If you have trouble redeeming a PayPoint voucher, contact them on 0330 400 0002 whilst in the shop for assistance.
  • If you have trouble redeeming a Post Office voucher, please contact Act on Energy on 0800 988 2881 and provide the following information.
    • Voucher code
    • Date and time voucher was refused
    • Reason voucher was refused
    • Full address of store/Post Office
  • Should your voucher, for any reason, not be accepted, Act on Energy is not liable to provide an equivalent or a replacement voucher.