Winter payments/ Fuel voucher scheme – Check below to see if you can apply

We are still experiencing a huge demand for vouchers/assistance by phone  and email, please understand we are unable to provide immediate help and there is an administration process to go through,  applications can take up to 10 working days to process.

To ensure your applications are processed without problem’s please ensure they supported by the required evidence, if we receive an application without supporting evidence this can add significant delays to your application for assistance.

BROMSGROVE & REDDITCH SCHEME – Closing on 31st March 2021 – Apply below


SOLIHULL WINTER PAYMENTS & FUEL VOUCHER SCHEME  – Closing on April 16th 2021 – Apply below

WARWICKSHIRE – From April 1st a new crisis scheme helping households with boiler replacements, heating repairs, direct debit payments & fuel debt – To apply call Act on Energy on 0800 988 2881 – Same criteria applies – Do not use the online referral form for this particular scheme


If you are seeking assistance in Coventry you may be able to receive support through Coventry Council’s Winter Grant Scheme.  In Warwickshire you may be able to access help through  Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme – Warwickshire County Council


Vouchers are available for families and household’s who are using pre-payment meters or those who pay by direct debit to an energy supplier, in receipt of paper billing or paying direct to a fuel supplier for oil or LPG.

So if you have seen a drop in income due to COVID 19 or you are in receipt of benefits, please check the eligibility criteria below to see if you can apply.

Criteria – You need to be able to prove that you are struggling to heat your home and your circumstances, are causing issues managing the cost of your fuel bills, that you have accrued fuel debt, struggling to top up your pre payment meter, raise the amount to pay your monthly direct debit or the amount needed for a minimum fill/ delivery of an oil or LPG tank/ bottled gas .

Please note – Applications from households with credit on their fuel accounts and those who are unable to prove they are struggling to make ends meet on their current income will not be processed. This is a crisis fund and is only available to those most in need, Fraudulent attempt’s to obtain vouchers/payments are taken seriously and will be reported to the police. Those receiving assistance will not receive cash payments, vouchers codes have to be redeemed against your fuel account at a Pay Point location or the Post Office, payments for Gas or electricity, Oil & LPG will be paid directly to your energy/ fuel supplier by Act on Energy. Please note that Act on Energy may need to make a three way phone call with you the householder to your energy supplier e.g. British Gas, to obtain authorisation to make a payment on your account. The amount of the payment will be confirmed upon receipt of application, in all cases there is a cap. Fuel Vouchers for pre payment are limited to three per household, we can only issue one at a time every four weeks * subject to funding.

Qualifying benefits – If you are in receipt of one of the following

  • Income Support
  • Income based Job seekers Allowance
  • Income related Employment Support allowance ESA
  • Universal Credit

Other Criteria

Or if you have a gross household income (this includes all income coming into the home from all occupiers aged 18+) of £30,000 or less and:

  • seen a significant drop in income due to Covid 19
  • Recently made Redundant (since April 2020)
  • Furloughed
  • Self employed and unable to work due to Covid 19 or working but with unpredictable income due to the nature of your work
  • Any referral from a Foodbank or other qualified referrals form other support agencies

To apply please use the form below, in addition you will need to email us your supporting evidence to – evidence is important, without it we will not process your application.

Details of the evidence required

PRE PAYMENT METER EVIDENCE – If applicable details of your benefits e.g. UC screen shot showing name & address or a photo shot or scanned copy of your qualifying benefit. If you are on furlough evidence of furlough provided by your employer (you should have written confirmation).  A photo shot of  current bank balances, this can be an online screen shot or a photograph of your bank statements ( a full month is required in each case  showing all income in/out).

DIRECT DEBIT EVIDENCE – As above plus we will need to see a copy of your fuel bills, a photo shot of a recent paper bill showing clearly your account balance and your current direct debit amount, if you are in debt with your supplier please show clearly the amount of debt you are trying to clear. We also need to see from the bill details of how to pay by BACs, this is usually in the how to pay section of your bill or a telephone number for the supplier where there is an automated payment service, some automated payment services require your date of birth to access your account so please provide this as well.

OIL & LPG TOP UP’s – For cases where a top up of oil or LPG is required you will need to provide details of your fuel supplier, we can only provide a minimum fill and we will need to make payment direct to your supplier so please provide their contact details and your account number with them.

Schemes of this nature are operated on a first come first served basis; however, cases that are deemed extremely vulnerable will be prioritised over others. Act on Energy are the administrator’s of the schemes only. Whilst we understand your circumstances maybe causing you stress and anxiety Act on Energy staff will not tolerate any verbal abuse or threats.